Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Iliad Agonistes

What does a fool do with an unseasonably warm
February day? He begins his quixotic expedition into
the translated Homer. Now, when granted an even
warmer day with nothing on his plate, what would
this recalcitrant masochist set up for his entertainment?
Repeating last week's headache.

Here's the issue, and one I have yet to solve:
Pope, Chapman, Lattimore or Logue? Obviously Chapman
or Pope, at first glance; yet, when considering the Iliad and
Odyssey as a topic of study, Lattimore's versions have
much to compliment, if only as complement. Tuesday
last, I nearly had a breakdown looking at three copies
of the Iliad strewn about the living room floor. Thank God
for Harold Bloom, whose "Where Shall Wisdom Be Found"
served as a much needed slump buster. There's always
"Trolius and Cressida."

There are worse problems to have.