Monday, September 17, 2007

Insurance Care for All.

Great. Here's Hillary's plan:

Sorry for being a trifle inarticulate here, but
all I can say is

What total BULLSHIT.

Basically, it is addressing the health care
crisis by treating it as though it were a highway bill.
That is to say, requiring us to buy insurance.
So, her answer is to hand the reins over to the folks
who make our system Dickensian in the first place.

Nice job. I only want a simple thing: not for profit,
single-payer health care; or, if I can't have health care,
I'd like to not be forced to buy in to this morbid money

Hey, Hillary, I never planned on voting for you, but
I'm sure I won't now. Even if it means (O, God help us)
President Romney.

And if you get in and get this selloff passed, I will
refuse to pay, and I hope many others make the same
decision. I will, just to be easily filed away, send
a photocopy of my middle finger to your people at Kaiser

More than ever, I think all candidates not named
Dennis Kucinich can go fuck themselves.

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