Sunday, September 30, 2007

Politics again.

Good call for action by Dave Lindorff

I think I'm in. I've been considering what
he suggests (re-registering as an Independent)
for years. It's funny. When I registered in
Kansas, it was in the heat of the 2004 Election.
A lady working a canvass showed up twenty minutes
after Barack Obama's convention speech.

Here, you can't register Green Party, which is
what I have been for years prior, and given my
excitement for Obama, I registered as a Democrat.

Just about the only thing I can agree with the Party
on is that, given the choice, I'd prefer them to
the Republicans. That isn't saying much.

I still like many in the Party, especially Kucinich,
Edwards, Richardson and Obama. I've even made a small
contribution to Obama. I understand there is a huge
difference between John Edwards and Fred Thompson. But
Hillaryand Rudy? Seems like that old dime's worth
to me.

There is no practical reason for me to remain a
registered Democrat. Kansas doesn't have a national
primary. We have a caucus, which doesn't do
me any good because I'm about as alienated from
the local party as I am the national one. Local
primaries don't do much for me either. On the local
front, a lot could be done. That said, I would
have to dedicate a lot of time and effort getting
out the vote in my neighborhood. Do I owe that to
the Democratic Party? I worked on the Richardson
campaign in New Mexico as a registered Green. If the
right person was running, I suppose I would do a
good deal of work for her or him. Nationally, though,
there is no point as long as the electoral system
remains structured as it is now. I live in Kansas.
It is as likely that Kansas will give its votes
to the Democratic nominee as it is for a Republican
to carry the African-American vote. So, no one is
really interested in what we think, anyway. Why
should I throw my largely symbolic support behind
a party that is not only way to the right of me,
but also impotent and chickenshit? What is the point?

So, I'll go to the clerk in the next couple of days and
do it. I have nothing to lose, really. I will vote
for my Democratic congressman (unless a progressive
candidate is permitted to run against him) and whatever
Democrat there is running against Brownback. (Come on,
how hard could it be to beat him?) If Edwards or Obama
is the nominee, of the media-approved candidates,
I can't see voting against either. Hell, I'll give
money and knock on doors. Should this party be
foolish enough to select Hillary, well, I'll probably
write in Nader.

My vote doesn't count in the first place. If I'm asked
to sell my soul, I'd better get damned good at

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Library Book Sale

Few seasonal traditions are more welcome than the
library book sale. It is a lottery in which one always
wins something.

Today, among other things, I've bulked up a Graham
Greene collection that is starting to get obsessive.
I started buying any Greene title I can find at
book sales or used book stores. As the collection
got larger, I started picking up first editions. Now
I have another in that department. I'm not a big
"collectible" guy... content over collectibility has
always been my rule. But I inadvertently started
with Greene, and why not ride it out?

I also picked up Lattimore's Iliad and Odyssey.
Contemporary poets/scholars are often derisive of
Lattimore's word for word technique. He is
definitely out of fashion, and I can understand
the criticism. Even so, I've always liked Lattimore's
notes much more than any other author. I don't plan
on learning Greek too soon, and Lattimore seems the
next best thing.

The Homer thing is snowballing as well. I've got the
Chapman, of course, and now the Lattimore. Working on the
Logue... wish it wasn't necessary to collect separate
books, I think at least five or six, but a poet needs
to get paid. Did I just say that?

Missing Pope. That will be remedied.

Also, a Complete Poems of Thomas Hardy for one dollar.
Not bad.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

no time for poetry,but exactly whatitis.

I've been thumbing through Juvenal's Sixteen Satires and
Petronius, as well as a little Horace & Pope.

Satire is the only saving grace at the moment.

Art will always nourish the soul, but the body
and mind, for the moment, are occupied by
politics and economics. The confluence is
necessarily satire.

The problem is that no conceivable outcome is
positive. Hard to focus on much else when the
republic is arguably experiencing the throes.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Insurance Care for All.

Great. Here's Hillary's plan:

Sorry for being a trifle inarticulate here, but
all I can say is

What total BULLSHIT.

Basically, it is addressing the health care
crisis by treating it as though it were a highway bill.
That is to say, requiring us to buy insurance.
So, her answer is to hand the reins over to the folks
who make our system Dickensian in the first place.

Nice job. I only want a simple thing: not for profit,
single-payer health care; or, if I can't have health care,
I'd like to not be forced to buy in to this morbid money

Hey, Hillary, I never planned on voting for you, but
I'm sure I won't now. Even if it means (O, God help us)
President Romney.

And if you get in and get this selloff passed, I will
refuse to pay, and I hope many others make the same
decision. I will, just to be easily filed away, send
a photocopy of my middle finger to your people at Kaiser

More than ever, I think all candidates not named
Dennis Kucinich can go fuck themselves.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

White Goddess Compatible

No harmless proclivity tends to irritate
me as much as product evangelism. I find
myself being tugged by that undertow into
the emotional abyss of fellow Macites.

After having it for a week, I am really
starting to see a valid argument for it
being the machine that could contact God.

I have even toyed with the idea of composing
on this keyboard, as opposed to my Olivetti.
Haven't gone that far yet.

The most glorious thing it has provided me with
(so far) is the ability to download and hear
(with no timeouts) Slought's recording of
Bunting reading "Briggflatts."

O, but there was a problem: due to the extended
organ playing on it, the file was too large for
a cd. Why sweat it? I dropped it into Garage Band,
edited it (removing the organ) and fit it on one
disc. All of this in a little over an hour.

Have to think of a way to get that playing on the
page here. I'm sure it is easy.

Also got all Sonnets from another page which is
escaping me at the moment.

The little box is bounding with entertainment,
from Shakespeare to Blind Blake to Lionel

If they'd just let me smoke on a damned plane, I
could comfortably make it to India now.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


just when i start to get back into this blog thing, i
decide to upgrade my computer. happy i did.
thrilled, actually, though it has set some things

2 cigar tips, for those interested:

1. Padilla 1948 lancero (wheeew boy, it is good)
2. San Cristobal from Ashton (I like the torpedo,
but every size i've had is phenomenal.)

far as poetry, well, i've been in a john fahey mood

i know, that doesn't count.