Tuesday, August 28, 2007


A friend of mine recently got me hip
to the blog talk radio scene. After searching
for shows whose topic is literature/poetry,
I found that, shall we say, The High Style
doesn't seem to have a dedicated program.

Well, who better than me? Don't answer that,

Anyway, being known for long blog sabbaticals,
I'm aware that many who read this page in the
past have moved on and likely don't check it
anymore. But I have a request of those of you
that still visit from time to time:

If you'd like to periodically tune in to my
call in show (or even better, call in) what
time (CST or EST) would be a good one?

I haven't set it up completely, and have to
pick a time slot. Originally, I was thinking
Thursday at 10 pm CST, but that happens to
correspond with The Daily Show and, more
importantly, The Colbert Report. Hell, I
won't be listening to me in lieu of these

Still, 11 pm CST seems a bit on the late
side. Other engagements keep me until 9 pm
CST most week nights, and blogger types seldom
wake up early in the morning. Worse yet,
some have to work in the daytime!

Any suggestions, via comment or email, would
be greatly appreciated.

At the moment, I'm leaning towards Thursdays
at 11 pm CST/Midnight Eastern.

Thanks in advance.

They're pretty acurate, I guess


Of course, they've also found that I'm a hyena, Hawai'i, Kent State and Pakistan. O, well.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Sunday Times

Though the book review looks very "ehh" the
magazine makes up for it.

Hell, it even makes up for Deb Solomon, for
a change.

Good piece on Jose Saramago.

Though, Bloom continues to confuse. I still can't
decide whether I'm fur or agin'.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Old News

Recently, Norman Mailer said that the novelist
would soon be comparable to those who write verse
drama in iambic pentameter.

So, what does that make a poet?

Or, for that matter, a verse dramatist?

Anyone doing a good poetry bit on blogtalkradio?