Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I feel pretty bad about neglecting auld Karga
during the St. Patrick's Day Week... but busy,

Picked up Legacies by Heberto Padilla. Need

Other than that, the mind has focused more on
The Memphis Jug Band than, as Gord put it,
"those Himalayas of the mind."

Friday, March 02, 2007

Click Here for a Site You Shouldn't Miss

Linked above is the EMBARGOPOETS blog
site. An odd journey to it.

They put up an Heberto Padilla poem. I was
searching for one of his online while a book is
en route. An odd coincidence, or, rather,
surprising new knowledge about him.

I've been smoking a lot of Padilla cigars lately,
and while looking up some of the lines (all of
which are exceptional) I clicked on the bio.
Usually, cigar makers have the same story,
or some variance thereof: My family owned
ten fincas in Cuba, until Castro came along.
We moved to Miami and funded Somosa's
thugs... now we bring this free market
approved joy to you at an outlandish upcharge.
It puts me in a spot, being a leftist chain

Well, Padilla cigars is partly (or fully, not sure)
owned by the son(s) of Cuban Poet (he gets
a capital "P") Heberto Padilla. The name isn't
a coincidence.

One thing I LOVE about Heberto Padilla is that
he was exiled both by Batista and Castro. He
actually came back post-revolution to support
Fidel, but wrote some "counterrevolutionary"
letters that ended him up in prison, house arrest,
and eventually a second forced exile.

I love and support all writers who can boast this
kind of record with all authorities. Too bad there
aren't any Orwell Cigarettes. No matter. March
is beginning with an obsession with the Padillas:
the writing of the father; the cigars of the sons;
the nice wood on the boxes.

Maybe it is a good month for a spotlight on
EMBARGOPOETS in general. Read this
at the Guardian. It'll take me a month to digest it.

Slainte Mhor.