Saturday, May 07, 2005

Matter of fact, I want you to find me TWO horses....

So, this is how David E. Kelley feels every couple of years!

Well, the humble grackel has been forced into temporary
hiatus due to some... hmm... let's say issues related
to moving. Does anyone know why setting up DSL for
an in-town move takes so bloody long? I crunched the
numbers, and there's no amount of video downloading
that could make up for the initial week allowed for
setup, or the following two due to general apathy.

The upside being that I've done odd things like taking
walks and finishing books. It is difficult to quantify
the amount of time one can dedicate to reading when
the tele and internet are not interfering.

Among numerous others, read Kooser's home repair
manual (yes, there are thoughts to follow on that,
Smithers) and On Bullshit, a PhD. type book whose
principle virtue is that it is in itself the epitome
of bullshit. Mr. Frankfurt has a well-developed
sense of humor. I'm still deciding whether the
punchline was worth the set-up.

Highest recommendations on Mrs. Shafak's
Saint of Insipient Insanities (Araf) though the
ending is lacking. It is still a wonderful insight on
a certain type of immigrant life in the States.
I could pick and discuss a few other weaknesses,
but I will give this Turkish author a pass. Nearly
every book has flaws unless your name happens
to be Sam Clemens, but few released lately are
worth the time. This one was for me, though I
have the contemptible habit of reading half a
book and letting it breathe for a month or two
before finishing it.

Phony Tony won again. On behalf of the
People of the United States, I'd like to welcome
our bitch back. Don't step outta' line 'less
you want five cross the head, girl.

Bis Spater.

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