Sunday, April 03, 2005

Nowadays It Does Pay To Be A Good Ol' Boy

Some excitement. Steve Earle is gracing
the Liberty Hall stage in humble
Lawrence, Kansas. (I am beginning a
campaign locally to enact the official
slogan: Lawrence, Kansas -- Good Vibes
Capital of the World!)

This occurs while being uprooted to some
extent. Usually we move from, say, Aroostook
County, Maine to Morgan County, Georgia.
Or Lincoln to Carlsbad, &c. But there's something
about Lawrence. So now we find ourselves
crossing the Bridge and heading into
East Larry, only a few blocks from the
aforementioned Liberty Hall. I may accidentally
develop something resembling a social
life. I shall attempt not to, but people are
gregarious here.

I say this for inspirational purposes: we also
found a place with twice the space for less
money. This is quite the renting coup in our
real estate landscape.

Also, found a great copy of POETRY from
January of 1959 (The Indian issue, kicked
off by Rabindranath Tagore) at the library
book sale. And a copy of "mishaps, perhaps"
by Carl Solomon for all off $0.75.

Satisfaction level high.

I am still disillusioned with what is transpiring
within the American verse world. But, as they
say, fuck it. No need to look for a complaint.

Considering it is snowing on A.D., I haven't
any complaints. Dogwood allergies are
a small price to pay!

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